Our Fog Island Cafe

Fog Island Cafe owners Mark and Anne Dawson met at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). After graduation, Anne moved to Nantucket, Massachusetts, and within a short time Mark followed her to the quaint island. Here Mark and Anne married in 1987, and made Nantucket their year-round home. A few years later, the Dawsons realized their dream of running their own establishment when a building vacancy occurred in an ideal spot in town. Located off Main Street and around the corner from the steam ship ferries, the Dawsons new place needed only a name to make it perfect.

Our Vision

Keeping the particular beauty of Nantucket in mind, Mark and Anne thought of the fog that so frequently lays itself down on the island like a warm blanket. From this inspiration, the Dawson’s named their new venture the Fog Island Cafe. The cafe opened in 1993, just in time for Nantucket’s “Christmas Stroll”, when locals and tourists converge on the island for window-shopping. At first, the cafe was a small bistro-style place serving American regional cuisines.

Chef/Owners Mark and Anne Dawson and their family have been serving Nantucket Visitors and Locals at the Fog Island Cafe  since 1993.