Health Coaching on Nantucket

Fog Island Health Challenge 2023


Dear Health Enthusiast:

You might ask..."If I would to sign up, are there additional support options aside from getting the InBody Body Composition information?"

YES there is!

With every InBody Body Composition scan appointment, you will walk home with an explanation of the 8.5 by 11 piece of health results with all sorts of unique data about you here on Nantucket. This knowledge gives you leverage that can help change your perspective and take action, from the inside out.

The thought is...If you keep doing the same'll probably get the same result?

Why not try something different to help this winter go by fast and who knows, you may even create a New You in a New Year and feel ama...

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2023 Will Be Our Best Year Ever!


We help each client or culinary student experience that empowering feeling that comes when you prioritize life and begin making healthy accomplishments happen.

When you make the change from unhealthy eating habits to a smart, healthy and sustainable approach to nutrition, you'll feel, look, and think better than you ever have before.
It's advice you hear from your doctor, your dietician—and your mom—all the time. But what exactly does eating right mean? Here is our perspective and how we Coach our clients.

Since 1993 Fog Island has been mentoring culinary students and coaching clients how “Eating” has a all ab...

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