Fog Island Health Challenge 2023


Dear Health Enthusiast:

You might ask..."If I would to sign up, are there additional support options aside from getting the InBody Body Composition information?"

YES there is!

We offer Animal-assisted therapy, which is a therapeutic intervention that incorporates our certified golden retriever,into the treatment plan.
You, Me and Rayna (Therapy Dog) work together in therapeutic activities that are outlined in a treatment plan, with clear goals for change, measurable objectives, and the expectation of identifiable progress toward the treatment goals. The therapy can take many forms, based on the patient, the animal, and the goals for treatment.
Animal-assisted therapy is used to enhance and complement the benefits of traditional therapy.

Imagine felling better after a simple walk!

With every InBody Body Composition scan appointment, you will walk home with an explanation of the 8.5 by 11 piece of health results with all sorts of unique data about you here on Nantucket. This knowledge gives you leverage that can help change your perspective and take action, from the inside out.

The thought is...If you keep doing the same'll probably get the same result?

Why not try something different to help this winter go by fast and who knows, you may even create a New You in a New Year and feel amazing!

What feelings do you want to experience in just a couple of months?

To participate in the Fog Island Health Challenge...Just buy 4 or more scans!

Click the “Scan” link at

Once you purchase your scan via

1. Friend me on Facebook.
2. Private message me and if and how you want to be contacted to receive the inspiration throughout the weeks that follow!
3. Then understand that everyone Will get support & CAN be rewarded, with a better quality of life! All you have to do to succeed is follow these three keys:

A) Start where you are.
B) Do what you can.
C) Never give up!

Calorie displacement, increasing metabolic rate, and improving your blood sugar management are three keys that we will use!

Consider inviting a friend and create a fun Winter memory, because we are stronger together!

Thank you for your time and consideration!


The Fog Island Team